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How is Logan Paul making huge profits with NFT?


While all the buzz about cryptocurrencies has not ended, there is a new thing in the market, and it is taking things to another level. Everyone is looking to know more about it and be a part of it. NFTs are all over the social media and internet right now and what makes things more attractive is all the influencers being a part of this NFT buzz.

One of the trending things these days is Logan Paul NFT and the way he has made a profit with these Non Fungible Tokens. He is not doing anything other than any of us have to do to make money, and here is all you need to know how he is making huge profits.

All about the world of women nft you need to know

It is no secret that Logan Paul has invested a lot in NFTs as he revealed that he had invested around $2.6 million in NFTs, which are nothing but digital pieces of art. It is a huge investment and even bigger when you see that it is only invested in a year.

However, the one that we will discuss here is the workdofwomennft, which he had spent a very small part of his investments in. The Logan Paul NFT has shaken all of his fans because of the amazing profits.

The amazing profits Logan Paul NFT made with his latest sale.

So, the year 2022 started in an amazing way for Logan Paul on the 5th of January. He shared about making amazing profits with his NFT. On that morning, there was a tweet where he said that he woke up to see that his worldofwomennft was sold for 200 ETH. This NFT was sold on OpenSea, which is one of the best NFT trading, buying, and selling platforms these days.

Logan Paul also mentioned who bought this NFT and that it was sold for a total of $765K, which gave him a whopping profit. What makes everyone so much interested in all of this is Logan Paul publicly mentioning that this one sale of NFT left him with a profit of $535K, which is just over half a million.

Adding a Mind Blown emoji at the end of this tweet made it clear to the public that Logan Paul is amazed by this profit, and he is clearly up for making more profit in the coming days with the help of this Logan Paul NFT stuff.

Is Logan Paul trying to keep things secret?

With profits, this good and investing a lot more than what is paying off makes Logan Paul a part of the elite influencers who are already making a lot from NFT. Some of these influencers are:

  1. FaZe Banks
  2. Amouranth

Both of them made high profits by just selling NFTs.

As Logan Paul himself revealed that he had invested around $2.6 million only in some digital pieces of art we all know as NFT, it is clear that he is not keeping any secrets. Moreover, looking at how he sold only one of his owned NFTs with a profit of just over half a million, we could expect what more is coming for him this year.

One thing that is clear in all of this is that Logan Paul will not only make Logan Paul NFT his main source of income. Logan Paul is getting to diversify the income sources by getting into some other income streams. One of the most interesting things going around is the sports drink that Logan Paul is releasing with a YouTuber from the UK.

The interesting thing is that this YouTuber is none other than KSI, who was a former rival of Logan Paul. Things have already started, and it is even more interesting to see how things go around in the future.

How is Logan Paul dealing with things publicly?

Earning this much alone from one investment and the tendency to earn even more with what he has invested is not stopping Logan Paul from getting into other things. The latest video on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel makes it very clear for the audience. While KSI and Logan Paul fought in 2018 and 2019, they are partnering now to promote their sports drink. Both of them are in public themselves to promote their drink, and they have started in a Walmart store.

  • Things are pretty different as compared to their YouTube channels as they are themselves dressed as salesmen and trying to promote the product.
  • While they started by walking around in the store trying to convince the public, things weren’t as expected, and they had to set up a stall which attracted some more customers.
  • The interesting thing here is that one of those visitors came up to Logan Paul and offered to get an NFT from him, to which Logan Paul quickly said no and also asked them to leave 2 times.

While all of this was being done on the record KSI who was standing along with Logan Paul, Started to laugh, which also made Logan Paul realize if he had been harsh over the boy who was asking him to take a look at his NFT to buy it.

The latest tweet from Logan Paul about NFTs

While everyone knows that Logan Paul is earning a lot from NFTs, he is not interested in people talking to him about NFTs. Logan Paul shared the clip of that boy offering him an NFT and tweeted, “don’t talk to me about NFTs,” which leads us in different directions.

He either wants nobody to interfere with him and how he takes his NFTs, or he thinks that he knows things better than others. Well, nobody knows which way things are going.

Final Remarks:

While an NFT can be anything, the ones getting a lot of popularity these days are nothing other than digital artworks. Everyone is getting into these as they are paying off amazing profits without doing anything but an investment.

There are some influencers and brands also being a part of all of this buzz created by NFT, and one huge example is Logan Paul, who made a huge profit only by one NFT. He has already made millions by selling NFTs and looking for more to come with Logan Paul NFT.

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