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Facts about Evolved Apes NFT You Need to Know


One hundred thousand unique tokens were sold in less than ten minutes after the much-anticipated new PFP (profile picture) NFT project made its debut on the Ethereum network. Millions of dollars were raised by selling tokens and other secondary transactions.

NFT Scams: An overview you need to know about

There is an issue that needs to be handled. Once a non-fungible token (NFT) has been made or added to the blockchain, the creator or adder of the NFT may no longer retain ownership of the NFT once it has been produced or added to the network. These transactions may benefit someone else, even if the true owner is oblivious of them. There are a few alternatives for dealing with this issue, but they should be investigated as soon as it becomes available.

Evolved Apes: Everything you need to know about

Evolved was planned to be an online fighting game with ethers rewarded for victory, but it was discontinued thanks to a lack of interest.

As a result, the NFT idea was implemented: pay to recruit troops, in this instance monkeys with individual personalities and equipment, who were then trained. NFT fighting monkeys, which can be found in NFT collections like the 10,000 CryptoPunks (Confers to the 10,000 CryptoPunks), are numbered 10,000, and each one is true, one-of-a-kind NFT.

  1. The game’s creator/developer has gone after 798 ethers (nearly $ 3 million) from selling 4000 NFT in the game.
  2. His social media platforms and even his own website was destroyed due to the attack. In fact, his NFT design contractor did not get compensation for his work on the designs!
  3. All of the monies raised were intended to be used towards the development of the video game in question and for marketing and distribution to the fortunate winners.
  4. The victims of this conman have chosen to file a class-action lawsuit against the project as a whole to recover their losses.

It is still possible to acquire NFT Evolved Apes, with commissions flowing straight to the fraudster’s account, which has not been frozen since the fraudster left the country in question. It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

An Investigation of a Scam is being conducted.

After stealing USD 2.7 million in Ethereum (ETH) on September 24, 2021, the project’s chief developer (dubbed “Evil Ape”) and other developers were forced to shut down the project’s official website and Twitter account. However, the Evolved Apes Twitter account continued to be active (and they did not even compensate the artist who assisted in creating the digital images).

It was unclear whether or not this gaming platform would materialize; therefore, investors were doubtful whether or not their money would be effectively spent. Those who possess an EvolvedApe are the only ones who may enter the Ape Kingdom. The opportunity to participate now and in the future as the project evolves and develops is a significant benefit of membership. Every citizen of the Ape Kingdom will voice how the advantages are split.

As their combat talents and strength grow, so will their monetary worth as a result. Although no definitive determination has yet been reached, a method of compensating players using Ethereum is also being investigated. During their bouts, players will be able to put wagers on the result, raising the stakes even higher. Toss the dice and let the strongest monkey (or man) win.

They are further disadvantaged as, in many situations, royalties are paid to the project’s inventor when the item is later sold on other marketplaces. The scam artist will charge you a 4 percent fee if you opt to sell your tokens, so be prepared to pay him.

How can I prevent being a victim of an NFT scam?

An NFT’s validity may be verified by doing a reverse Google image search on it. You may use this search to locate the website where the image was obtained in order to determine where it originated. Investigate if the NFT artist, corporation, or other entity selling NFTs is a genuine entity by doing an investigation.

The contractual address of the NFT is crucial when dealing with fake market scams, and it should always be double-checked. The location of the NFT’s production facility is specified here. Make sure that the NFT addresses and the platform on which they were formed are the same before moving on to the next section. This is the case since fraudsters nearly always utilize fictitious addresses, as is the case here (created).

Similar to Instagram, a blue “confirmed account” checkmark appears next to the names of verified artists or artist accounts, indicating that they have been validated. It is critical to examine a musician’s social media channels, such as the number of followers they have and the kind of content they publish, before hiring them.

Criminals may contact customer support representatives on NFT’s online sales platforms in order to get sensitive information about their customers. Because your personal information should not be shared with anyone else, this is the proper procedure to take in this situation. In phone and email frauds, for example, this is the same technique that is utilized.

Invest in the infrastructure of the Bitcoin business.

Investing in companies with a substantial financial stake in the bitcoin business is another way to get your foot in the door. Coinbase is also a bitcoin exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoins. Coinbase is a publicly traded corporation on the New York Stock Exchange.

You may invest directly in the commodity, as well as indirectly in people and things linked with it, such as miners and the equipment they need to mine, just like you can with gold. Boneparth goes into extensive length on this. The general public should be informed that the blockchain industry is dominated by a small number of publicly traded enterprises.


It is possible that scammers may employ a variety of ways to extort money from bitcoin investors; this may occur. Rug pullers are those who accept money and then escape the scene. However, it is better to be careful with this kind of project, and these should be finalized after thorough research about the product.

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