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How to share your work on the NFT art website


If you are a digital artist and know to develop a keen interest in sharing work on the NFT art website, you might want to know more about it. The major artists and digital art creators have chosen the NFT art website to upload their work and have earned a good amount of money.

In recent times, where art and design are much appreciated, NFT can be a good way to indulge yourself in a creative job. Therefore, today we will talk more about sharing your work on the NFT art website.

What are the top-rated NFT art websites?

Before you learn how to sell or share your work on the NFT art website, it is important to know some known websites. The websites mentioned below are among some of the famous ones that most artists use to share their work.

1. Open sea

Currently, the open sea is known as the most famous NFT art website/marketplace used by various artists and digital creators. You can discover many things on this website like Virtual things, cards used for trading, popular names for a domain, sports, and some tokens for utilities.

The open sea platform has the available art from many other NFT art websites. It includes a huge collection of writing and much more.

Sharing your work on this website is open to everyone. But it does have its procedures that you have to meet before it allows you to share your art with the world.

2. Rarible

This NFT art website is another solid platform to share your work. They have their procedures, and it might take a week or two to complete the verification process. However, the artists need to link their work with social media accounts, preferably with many followers.

3.      Super rare

Yet another famous NFT art website is the super rare platform. Here the artists can categorize their work under various tags such as 3D art, painting, illustrations, and much more. It is open to everyone, and anyone interested in NFT can start uploading their work and buying it as well.

How to share your work on the NFT art website?

After stating brief details about the NFT art websites, you might wonder how to share your work on such websites. Therefore, the basic guide on sharing or selling your work on the non-fungible token art website is mentioned below.

Make a Web3 wallet

We all know that the non-fungible tokens are based on blockchain technology; hence, you need to create a wallet for it. The purpose of creating a wallet is to produce, share and receive them. The need for funding a wallet is also important for you to pay for your transaction fees associated with the transactions you might make.

As the majority of the NFT platforms are Ethereum based so, you also need to have a similar wallet. Also, the currency you own should be the native one. So, it gets easier for you to pay for transactions. A lot of experienced personnel also recommend using the meta mask wallet.

Use the funding your wallet with ETH.

The second step in sharing your work on the NFT art website is to purchase ETH via a cryptocurrency exchanger or a broker. Then share it to the address of your ETH meta task wallet.

In those scenarios where you use the BC bitcoin broker services, you do not have to provide an address every time. Instead, you are only required to share your address when you purchase.

Progress your artwork

It is obvious that if you are looking for ways to share your artwork, then you might have your work ready. However, in cases where you do not have art yet, then start preparing it. You can go through the mentioned websites where you will be able to find several trending ideas when it comes to NFT art.

The requirements for your NFT art are not very precise, but it can include anything related to Video, acoustics or audio, 3D art, images, illustrations, or more. Make sure they have a size of up to 100 megabytes.

Share your work on the NFT art website.

The next step after you complete your piece of art is to choose your preferred website to share. After you choose a website of your choice, the next thing to do is to sign in with the help of your meta mask wallet. Then, click on the approve option for the transaction to make your wallet safe. After the completion process, the website will send you to the account page.

  • There it would help if you wrote your short bio, added your username, provided your email address, and filled in the verification process through your inbox.
  • Then in your account, you will see the option of submitting NFT. Here you can share your work by adding s brief description about it.

Your art will take some time to be approved, and once it is approved, you can sell it and choose pricing on your own. This way, it will be available for the public as well.

Boost up your content

Lastly, to earn more reach and engagement for your NFT artwork is to boost it further. You can promote it in several ways, but one of the most effective ways is to link your social media accounts to it. It is because your followers will view your work and the chances for you to earn through your NFT art gets much higher.

Therefore, it should be your ultimate goal to engage your followers with your art work to get better at this.

Final Remarks:

If you are new to NFT artwork and want to know how to share your work on the NFT art website, then do not miss the chance to read the mentioned details thoroughly to get more insights on it. You need to learn the art of NFT and make it work for you. This basic guide to start will help you save your time.

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