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Stephen curry is facing serious criticism for getting into the nft business.


It is becoming very popular among celebrities to invest within the NFT. NIFT business is also becoming very popular due to its significance and high opportunities for making profits. Like many other celebrities and players, Stephen curry, an American basketball player, also decided to invest in the NFT business. However, Stephen curry nft news was not taken well by the people. The reason for it was very stupid and absurd. NFT business is becoming popular among celebrities because they make donations and profits from it. It is also one of the easiest ways to invest and gain money, and it can also provide financial security at many levels.

People criticizing Stephen curry for buying millions worth nft

Stephen curry decided to do the same as many celebrities have decided to do because of the significance of the NFT business.

Huge investment

He invested 180 thousand Dollars on buying the NFT wishes facing criticism. There is no specific reason for the criticism. However, people think that the Highest selling NFT is 2.3 million dollars, and Stephen curry chose his way to invest within the NFT business. It is not even a reason to criticize a player because everyone has their plan for everything.

Absurd reason of Criticism

If Stephen curry decided to invest in the NFT business, he must have something in his mind. There is no proper reason for the people to react and criticize Stephen curry nft. However, Stefan is not taking it seriously because it is common among people to react to whatever celebrities and players do.

He is getting criticized because people think that he should have donated the money to an organization or should have been involved in Charity work. It is also an absurd reason because he has been involved in many donations and charities. Investing in NFT is a safe source of making an undeniable profit.

Best basketball player

The profit rate is also very high, and hence the money can be doubled or can even be greater than that. He has taken a good decision for him because of the popularity of the NFT business. People need something to gossip about, so they have started criticizing Stephen curry nft.

It would help if you kept in mind that Stephen curry is one of the best basketball players for the American Association. He has also been selected as a golden state Warriors for the National basketball association. He kept a record for many years back to back, making him one of the best players.

NFT business is profitable

Such a best player will have enough income to invest it within the NFT business. He did that because of many reasons and the significance of the NFT business. Most of the celebrities did the same, and no one even reacted to that. However, it is easy for people to bash a player for taking a decision that is not even a big deal.

Stephen is selling virtual sneakers.

Stephen curry, which is a recent Crypto converted basketball player, has decided to do many things out of business.

Popularity among people

He is taking the initiative for the people who are into Basketball and are fans of him. He decided to take out a huge collection of virtual sneakers that were used in Basketball by himself. He released a Collection of 2,974 shoes that are non Fungible tokens.

They are the replica of the shoes that he wore himself while Breaking Three point-scoring record, which was a great deal. The speakers have become popular among the people, and many of them got sold just after the initial release. This shows the popularity of the player and how people are supporting his decision despite the criticism. All of his fans are happy to hear such a piece of great news from him.

Donations to the organizations

It is a great joy to wear such sneakers used by the player himself while making such a great victory. It would help if you kept in mind that each pair of shoes was worth 333 dollars. Some of them were bought by the companies, and they will be donated to organizations supporting access to Sports. Stephen curry nft Is becoming a joy to most people.

Supporting access to Sports

Stephen curry’s nft is quite a great step, and it is good news for the people who want to do something within the field of sports but cannot find enough resources.

Because of this player and their donation, it is becoming possible for everyone to fulfill their dreams and interests. According to the resources, all of the speakers have been sold out to the companies and people. They are also donated to the organizations for the support of sport and its promotion.

Stephen curry and bored ape nft

Stephen curry is one of the richest basketball players because of his popularity and record.

Investing in NFT business

He took the initiative of investing a lot of money within the NFT business. Since then, Stephen curry’s nft has caused Chaos on the Internet. There is no reason to make such a big deal out of it because most of the celebrities and players have done the same.

Gossip on the Internet due to boredom

This is because there is nothing to talk about, and the bored ape nft has made gossip about the player to gain attention. However, most of the people are also supporting Stephen curry nft. The player himself is not paying attention to whatever the Internet is throwing at him. He took one of the best decisions to invest within the NFT business because it is valuable and profitable.


Stephen curry is a famous player, and he has recently invested a great amount of money within the cryptocurrency business. Since then, it has become the talk of the town, and most people criticize Stephen curry nft. There is no reason for the criticism, and it is because of the bored ape nft.

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